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Candie Accounting Services are specialist small and medium sized business Guernsey accountants. We assist with Guernsey financial reporting responsibilities by providing straight-forward and prompt preparation of financial statements together with supporting Guernsey Income Tax computations.

We believe that there is a need in Guernsey to provide reasonably priced and prompt accounting, secretarial and Guernsey incorporation services.

Secretarial services will ensure that your statutory records are aligned correctly with those of the Registry and your companies are of good standing with all statutory paperwork and submissions up to date.

Not all Guernsey businesses have their own accounting systems or bookkeepers but we are usually able to prepare accounts from the available records.

There is no legal requirement in Guernsey to have a formal audit of your firmís annual financial statements. If the owner(s) of the business agree to waive the right to an audit then the additional expense of an audit is no longer necessary.

Small and medium sized business Guernsey accountants.
The hardest thing to understand in the world
is the income tax.

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Guernsey Accountants
Guernsey Small Business Accountants
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